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Fox and badger proof fencing

How to protect your fence from foxes and badgers

Fox and badger proofing your fence

Foxes and badgers can be pretty industrious when it comes to getting in your garden and they will usually enter by climbing over low fencing, through gaps in old fencing and by tunnelling under fences.

If they are climbing over low fencing, then obviously higher fencing will solve the problem.

If they are squeezing through gaps in the fencing, then it may be possible to repair the fence, filling the gaps or by replacing parts than cannot be repaired.

If they are digging under your fence, then you could try blocking the hole with a paving slab, which is heavy enough not to be moved or dragged out of place by a badger.

Another option is to install fox and badger proof fencing under your fence, buried into the ground. Dig a section below your fence and attach weld mesh fencing securely to your main fence (which needs to be sturdy) with the remaining mesh fence going under your fence into the area you have dug out. Once secure and there are no gaps along your fence, refill the hole.


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