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Garden fencing by South London Fencing contractors in London, Surrey and Sussex

Can my fence be repaired?

Fencing Repairs & Replacement

by South London Fencing

We are often asked whether fences can be repaired here at South London Fencing, especially after high winds and extreme weather conditions.

Once we have visited your property and inspected your damaged fencing, we will always let you know the best options available and the associated costs.

Depending on the severity or damage and condition of your fence posts and fence panels, we may be able to carry out emergency fence repairs, repairing and replacing any broken and damaged panels and boards.

Damaged Fence Posts

If your fence is wobbly when touched, then it’s likely that you have broken fence posts. These can be replaced by South London Fencing and then we will attach your existing fence panels as long as they are in good condition.

Damaged Fence Panels

If your posts are in good condition but your panels are damaged, we can look at repairing them (depending on severity of the damage) or we can replace individual panels as necessary.  If your panels are old and dried out, they are usually difficult to repair as they tend to break when you hammer nails into them.

Is more than half of your fence broken?

If more than half or your fence is broken, then we would usually recommend replacing the whole fence, which works out much more cost effective in the long term. New, good quality fencing, which is well preserved and well maintained, should last for 15-20 years.


Our fencing & gate services

South London Fencing are a well established and reputable fencing contractor for all domestic and commercial fencing and gate requirements.

Our team of reliable and professional skilled fencers are well versed in all aspects of fencing and gate installation and repair, whether it’s a small garden fence or a Royal Estate.

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We have built a fantastic reputation over the 30+ years we have been in business and pride ourselves on our customer referrals.